Up close with Red Ranger Monstro

The RED RANGER is the all-in-one large format camera which is only available at RED Authorized Rental Houses; Video Europe being one of them. When hiring previous RED cameras, the kit was almost always different between each rental house due to its modularity and range of third party accessories available on the market. RANGER eliminates the need for productions to specify a list of accessories because each RANGER kit will be the same across the board and most things which used to require an accessory are now included in the package.

It features RED’s 8K MONSTRO VV sensor, three SDI outputs, a range of 24V and 12V power outputs, integrated 5 pin XLR audio input, genlock, timecode and a shimmed PL meaning it’s fully ready for any production needs. For more information on RANGER, check out our website or come in for a demo on the camera and get your hands on it!