Video Europe switches to ‘trade only’

After 50 years in equipment rental, including direct hire to end-users, our core business has always been that of rentals to the trade.  Our new Partner Program signals our decision to go ‘trade only’ and rent our vast range of equipment exclusively to other hire companies.

This means we will refer end user enquiries to our partners and then provide either additional or the entire range of equipment as required. We’re even changing to OEM/Unbranded boxes so our partners can quickly and easily add their own labels.

Apart from the referral of business, this will mean our partners can provide an almost limitless rental service to their clients utilising our large stock of the most popular and up to date items, including cameras, lenses, accessories, monitors, lighting and grip.

As the industry shifts to meet new developments in technology and new ways of working, we believe the core values of building strong relationships, investing in people, the latest equipment and the infrastructure to support our operation and our partners are the reasons we are trusted and already have partners from all over the world and a reputation of which we are proud.

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