ARRI LMB-6×6 Matte Box

Maximum modularity, minimal weight


ARRI LMB-6×6 Matte Box

The LMB 6×6 is designed for maximum modularity at a minimum weight, and optimized for 6.6 x 6.6 inch filters. The Matte Box can be used with 15 mm and 19 mm studio rod support. To avoid unwanted reflections the LMB 6×6 can be tilted 10° up and down with the optional Swing Away Tilt Module. All common lens diameters are available as clamp adapters to fit the matte box directly to a lens. The LMB 6×6 also features versatile filter stage options, securing loops, and a tray catcher for maximum safety on set.

• 1x LMB 6×6 Extra Non Rotatable Filter Stage
• 4x LMB Flag Holder
• 3x 6.6 x 6.6 Filter Tray
• 3x 4 x 5.65 Filter Reducer Frame
• 1x Tilt & Flex Clamp Adapter 80 to 156mm
• 1x 162mm Clamp Adapter
• 1x 114mm Clamp Adapter
• 1x 95mm Clamp Adapter
• 1x 80mm Clamp On Ring
• 2x Side Flags Left & Right
• 1x Top / Bottom Flag
• 1x 19mm Studio Rod Adapter
• 5x Hard Matte Set (Spherical)
• 1x Matte 0
• 1x Case