Canon EOS C300 EF

The compact, lightweight, Full HD Canon C300


Canon EOS C300 EF

A ground-breaking professional cine camera, EOS C300 fuses Canon’s proven video technology and lens heritage with EOS creativity. Interchangeable EF lenses give unprecedented freedom to tell every story.





• 1x Canon EOS C300 LCD Viewfinder (Mark I)
• 1x Viewfinder Rubber Eyepiece
• 1x Canon Rear Viewfinder Cap
• 1x Body Cap (EF)
• 1x Canon EOS C300 Side Grip Handle (Mark I)
• 1x Canon EOS C300 Top Handle (Mark I)
• 1x Arri BPA-2 Bridge Plate Adapter
• 1x Arri Bottom Plate for Canon EOS C300 (Mark I)
• 1x Rode NTG-2 Microphone
• 1x Rode Foam Windshield
• 1x Rubber Mic Spacer
• 1x 3 Pin XLR Audio Cable
• 1x Headphones (3.5mm Jack)
• 1x CompactFlash Card Reader
• 1x USB 3 Data Cable
• 1x Canon CA-941 Compact Power Adapter
• 1x Canon CA-930 Battery Charger
• 2x Figure 8 Power Cable
• 3x Canon BP-955 Battery
• 2x 15mm Support Rod – 340mm
• 1x Camrade Raincover for Canon C300 (Mark I)
• 1x Bag