3-Axis wireless follow focus system



The Wireless Compact Unit WCU-4 is a lightweight, ergonomic hand unit offering up to 3-axis lens control. Rugged and splash-proof, it features an easy-to-read lens data display, lens mapping to pre-marked focus rings and focus tracking, for example of the slate at the beginning of a shot.

• 1x CForce Mini RF Motor
• 2x CForce Mini Motor
• 1x Neck Strap
• 1x WCU-4 Plate
• 1x WCU-4 Monitor Bracket
• 1x LCB-A LBUS Cable
• 3x LCB-4 LBUS Cable 1ft
• 1x Cam to D-Tap Cable
• 1x Cam to Red Control Cable
• 1x Cam to RS Cable
• 1x Cam to F55/Venice Cable
• 10x Marking Disc
• 1x SD Card
• 1x Stubby Antenna
• 1x Sony BC-QM1 Battery Charger
• 3x Sony NP-FM500H Battery
• 1x Figure 8 Power Cable
• 1x Case

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