Cine Tape Measure System 2

The industry standard system



The industry standard CINETAPE MEASURE has been redesigned and now includes built-in wireless communication. The new Cinematography Electronics CINETAPE 2, is smaller, lighter and faster. Same great features and quality, plus more.

• 1x Sensor Horns
• 1x Sensor Horns Extension Tube
• 1x Arri L-Cube
• 1x L-Cube Bracket
• 1x Noga Arm
• 1x L-Cube to Red Control Cable
• 1x CTM to Preston Mdr 3/4
• 1x Sensor Cable Straight
• 1x Sensor Cable Right Angle
• 1x CTM to Arri L-Cube
• 1x CTM 2 Pin Lemo Cable
• 1x CTM D-Tap Cable
• 1x CTM Hirose Cable
• 1x Case